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*DISCLAIMER : Original draft 2008. Never published.* Japanese surnames first *

For those familiar with metropolitan Miami, Downtown is a morass of endless detours, concrete barricades,  cones, and dead ends.

This is the city’s attempt – even in our present year 2012 – to make these labyrinthine streets bear less gridlock. One day’s avenue becomes next month’s street, or alleyway.

In other words, Downtown Miami is an engineering, motorist, vehicular, pedestrian NIGHTMARE.

Fortunately, there are endless shops and businesses to keep one busy, and so I mention the Big Lots® store at NE 81st. It would be the last spot I’d expect to find bargain anime DVDs.

“Dan Doh!! The Super Shot!” is such a title. It’s the typical root-for-the-underdog sports anime, a genre I don’t really watch, but because of this series, I’ll expand my horizons.

Aoba Tadamichi is the titled ‘Dandoh’ (his friends’ nickname for him).

The protagonist grows into his sport, not by self-knowledge, but from a childish accident. When he swings a baseball bat, the ball smashes through the principal’s office window and breaks a potted plant.

The principal, instead of punishment, is impressed. He indoctrinates Tadamichi, and friends, into the WORLD OF GOLF.

Through trials and competition, Tadamichi’s  destiny appears set.

At times, I wasn’t sure: was this sport anime inspired from historical dramas, with overzealous masters (or coaches), vindictive opponents, political machinations, marred family pasts (yep, that’s in there), over-the-top posturing, and battles with earth-shattering screams?

The show presents Tadamichi as having divine qualities: the preternatural ability to read his environment – the wind appears like devouring spirits, trees speak to him, and he wins tournaments by extraordinary luck and inhuman tenacity.

He turns most enemies into friends through sheer innocence and honesty, and even endows anthropomorphic qualities to his golf equipment. He draws smiley faces on all his golf balls, and when he strikes, they seem to listen to his shrieking commands.

‘Dan Doh’ is energetic like its elementary school-age cast. The show’s colors are bright primaries, and the animation is what one expects from a Saturday TV series though I mean that in a good way. The information on golf was not force-fed because Dandoh is new to it. As he’s told the rules, and learns, so does the viewer.

Also, ‘Dan Doh!!’ has one of the most get-up-and-go opening songs I’ve heard in a while, “Going On” sung by J-pop group Bullet 77.

NOTE : Could find little about the group except there are TONS of links providing free downloads of their songs! Also, sells their soundtracks.

While I type this, I’m hearing the song; no, I’m not crazy.

This anime made me want to grab a putter and hit the greens! Hmmm…nope.

But the “Dan Doh!! The Super Shot![I got a single pack 2-Disc set with 10 episodes at $3.00] was definitely WORTH a shot.


2012 © DN! Extraordinaire


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